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Hotel Owners

Use our dashboard to review your competition and set your price right, any day of the week.

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Revenue Managers

Manage your rooms efficiently with reports for the upcoming demand, hotel deals and detailed spreadsheets.

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Consultants and Investors

Improve your decision making with historical data, hotel perfomance and quality indicators.

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We collect rates from multiple online travel agencies as well as numerous market variables that affect your hotel.

Our data covers a variety of Hotels, including Resorts, Boutiques and Vacation Rentals.

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We analyze our data in various ways.

With our analysis you can explore the seasonal demand and the occupancy of your competitors, in charts and heatmaps.

In addition you can use our pricing recommendations tailored to your hotel's unique profile.

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Decision making

Our historical data and reports can help you make informed decisions for your business or customers.

Our tools can help you analyse the strategy and rates of hotels to minimize your investment risk.


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