Revenue management and rate shopping

Increase your revenue by tracking your competitors. Find critical dates and improve your pricing

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Why using our dashboard?

Learn how you can make more revenue with our tools

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Pricing calendar

Identify pricing opportunities and increase your margins by analyzing historical and future room rates of any competitor in the market

Set your threshold, and identify critical dates at a glance

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Best available rates

Track your competitors and find opportunities to improve your pricing with a click of a button

Zoom in specific periods, select hotels to compare and make pricing decisions

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Room rates

Get details about the rooms offered by a hotel, filter rooms based on the selected channels or based on specific quality features such as breakfast and refund options.

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Occupancy estimation

Find the occupancy rate of your competitors. Identify which dates you have the flexibility to raise your prices and make more revenue

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Our local events feature enables you to understand and anticipate demand trends in order to improve planning and pricing strategy.

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Export data

Explore our data in a table view and export in excel format in order to do your own magic!

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Identify & track your competitors

Add any hotel, hostel or B&B to your list of competitors to benchmark performance, optimize pricing strategy and identify key offerings to attract more customers.

You are not sure who your competitor is? Our machine learning model, identifies your competitors automatically using various parameters such as star rating, pricing, location and more

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Competitors Analysis and Keywords Research

Search competitors using our location filter and explore the keywords that most of your customers use in their reviews.
We collect reviews from multiple OTAs and we analyse them to give you the points you should focus in your properties

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