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Why using iqrate reports?

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Explore rate insights

Explore the daily, montly or yearly details per hotel or per location. We customize every detail so that you get insights on what matter most to you

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Improve your strategy

Iqrate offers various data and insights in any granularity. Make strategic decision backed by millions of data points, not guesses

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Decide next steps

Stop guessing what to do next. Our historical data, hotel perfomance and quality indicators help you identify hotspot and improve your offering

What hotel insights do we offer?

Learn how our historical pricing data can help you

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Daily pricing data

In our reports, you can get information regarding the daily BAR pricing for a set of hotels in one or more locations.

We can customize multiple variables like the number of hotels, filter them based on various metrics such as star rating and give valuable insights about weekly, montly and yearly market performance.

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Performance over various OTAs

Which OTAs have the higher or the lower average BAR in a specific location?

Which OTAs should a hotel use in a specific or multiple locations?

These questions are part of our report. We identify issues, opportunities and insights in multiple online channels.

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Online hotel rating

How online hotel rating affects the pricing?
How the prices change every month or year on each category?
How much can a hotel make on average by increasing their online rating?
Our historical hotel data provide insights by collecting thousands of hotels and analysing customer feedback on each hotel

Our tools track keywords, customer feedback, ratings and more.

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Multiple types of hotels

What is the performance of different types of hotels?
What type of hotel is more expensive in a specific location?
What is the maximum that hotels of different types charge?

Our historical data provide multiple levels of analysis in any type of hotel that it is available online.

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Visualise thousands of data points in heatmaps,
check historical changes over a period of time, compare changes in a higher level or in a per-hotel accuracy.

Filter based or pricing, stars and more

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